NaturalReader 7.1

NaturalReader makes your texts come out from the speakers of your PC
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NaturalReader 7 will answer all your needs if you want to hear your texts coming out from the speakers of your PC.
You won't find any problem in copying and pasting texts like other softwares, you only have to choose any text and press a single hot key. The software gives you the opportunity of choosing an option that will enable you to listen to texts without making effort in reading on the screen. You can easily switch between the software and the main window.

Mini board is very easy-to-use with one click technology. The program can be available when the main window is invisible. The interface is handy. The Natural Reader has a very friendly designed interface, which is expressive and intuitive also to help beginner users (users with little technology knowledge).

You will have many ways to reading speeds and voices from the speaker menu and speed control slider visible you can find them on the left side of the main window. The sets are available in settings and hot keys so you can change the current reading speed and voices.

If you have problems with your vision or you are a senior citizen there is a zooming option for you that will magnify the text for you to see clearly. You will find the zooming option in the view menu under the name of Zooming In. You can also change the text font, style and size.

You can't include natural sounding voices in the free version as mentioned in the license restrictions. Even if you find the Microsoft Mary voice mechanical it will help you on your daily routine work.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Saves to OGG files


  • Only 2 voices in free version
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